Taylor Swift Releases “Delicate” Music Video

Taylor Swift, here to add a little sugar to your Sunday, just released the music video for “Delicate” during the iHeartRadio Music Awards. It’s very La La Land meets New York:

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She teased so much with her modest ripped paper Instagram announcement earlier this week.

The video, directed by Joseph Kahn, appears to be a charming little acknowledgement of Swift’s disappearing act last year. Swift escaped the paparazzi, became “invisible”/out of the headlines in 2017, and privately built her romance with Joe Alwyn. That last shot of a soaked Swift in the bar, meeting someone (presumably Alwyn) there, is a nod to that.


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It’s the most rom com-y of Reputation‘s music videos so far, but that’s not exactly a hard bar to pass. Recall that “Look What You Made Me Do” was about the death of the old Taylor, “…Ready For It?” was a battle between dark, “publicly-construed” Taylor and the real Taylor, and “Endgame” was just a big party across three cities. A little plotless, but fun à la “22” plus six years of fame.

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